ethe ark preschool

First United Methodist Church

1200 E. Yellowjacket Lane

Rockwall, TX 75087

phone: 972-771-5501

eFax: 972-212-6853

Hands on learning to last a lifetime!

Young children are active learners with natural curiosity.

Explore Time provides an opportunity for students to investigate through hands-on science activities. They will learn the building blocks of physical science, biology, and physics during playful exploration. Their understanding will be strengthened through planning, questioning, and reflecting on learning experiences with their friends and teachers.

We also offer:

  • Chapel Time
  • Bible Stories
  • Music
  • Spanish
  • Gross Motor Labs
  • Music & Movement!
  • Weekly Special Events
  • Library Field Trips (older)

Time for expression and

creativity are essential to a child's development. During

Create Time, we offer children time to create and explore a variety of mediums without judgement or criticism.  Cows can be purple and a little girls can be bigger than a house.  Their creativity is commended and celebrated!  It is this process of expression and creativity that brings joy to our students and teachers.  We also encourage children to learn how to follow step-by-step instructions as they create a craft project each week.

Preschoolers love to pretend!  Whether he is being a daddy with a new baby or an astronaut blasting into outer space, the imagination of a child enables him to go on amazing adventures. 

This type of play is fun and

encourages cognitive

development.  During

Imagine Time, children creatively play with a wide variety of dress up clothing and toys as they build important social, communication, and problem solving skills that are critical to their future happiness.