the ark preschool

First United Methodist Church

1200 E. Yellowjacket Lane

Rockwall, TX 75087

phone: 972-771-5501

eFax: 972-212-6853



Class Schedule:

Classes meet from 9:00am-2:30pm September thru May.*  We follow RISD in the event of weather closures and for most holidays.  See Our Events Calendar for Holiday schedule.



Choose from 3 different program options:

      • 2-day program meets Tuesday & Thursday
      • 3-day program meets Monday, Wednesday,& Friday
      • 5-day program meets Monday through Friday

We accept students ages:


2 years old (by 9/1/19) through 5 years old.

All classes are sorted based on age and gender to ensure a well-balanced and positive experience for all.



Each and every day is full of exciting learning programs for your child!  Some of the things we do each day include:



Circle Time - During Circle Time, students learn about large group instruction in a classroom.  They sing songs, study the weather, learn our Spanish words of the week and our Bible story!  Students learn to listen to the teacher and one another as they share ideas!


Create Time - Students will participate in multiple art centers related to the theme of the week.  Having a variety of open-ended art options allows students to freely create and enjoy the artistic process. 


Imagine Time - During imagination centers, students enjoy opportunities for dramatic play, dress-up, character play, and pretend time.  They learn to share, communicate, and play well with others!


Explore Time - During this activity, students will experience a time of inquiry and discovery through scientific observation and experimentation.  A variety of science centers and science experiments offer learning opportunities for each child.


Fine Motor Centers - During this time, learning centers will be offered to encourage the use of fine motor skills using puzzles, coloring, play dough, lacing, and other manipulatives.  These activities strengthen hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills so that writing will be easy in pre-kindergarten.


Reader's Workshop - Students enjoy a special story time each day as they explore a new book with their class.  They learn to ask and answer questions about text, too!


Music Class - is held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Miss Terra shares her joy of music with her students and they learn so much together!


Move and Groove - Our students will enjoy building muscles and minds in Move and Groove, our preschool PE Program, led by Miss Mollie.


Indoor and Outdoor Play - Every day we encourage students to run and play!  We enjoy age appropriate playgrounds, and an outdoor learning center to explore the outdoors!  On rainy or inclement weather days, we play in upstairs playrooms.


Chapel is held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 12:45 to encourage students to learn about our loving God and our world.


Our three year old students will be learning about letters and letter sounds using ZooPhonics Curriculum. 


The programs at our school focus on the overall development of your child!  We build social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills to help your child succeed!


Also -


  • Amazing murals welcome students every morning as they arrive.
  • Each room has a class mascot that creates a sense of wonder and unity.
  • Our youngest children are part of our "Meadow" hallway-  butterflies, frogs, turtles, ducks, bunnies, and lambs.
  • Our older children are part of our "Woodlands" hallway- raccoons, owls, foxes, deer, bears, and moose.



To encourage the joy of textures, sounds and sights found outdoors, we provide an  Outdoor Learning Center!  Some features include:

  • Harmony Park outdoor musical instruments
  • tables for outdoor learning activities and picnics
  • Paint Walls!
  • Talk Tubes for exploration and fun
  • water and sand activity tables
  • Ramps with balls


The Ark is proud to encourage students as they learn about the wonderful world God has made for everyone!

Pre-Kindergarten Program:

Our Pre-K program is designed to emphasize the joy of learning while preparing students for the transition to "Big School".  These students will use Get Set for School curriculum from Handwriting without Tears.  Each day offers letter lessons during large group circle time and hands-on literacy and reading centers.  Students learn number literacy through calendar math and engaging math and science centers.  Pre-K students also enjoy Move-N-Groove, Music Class, Weekly Special Events, Chapel, Library Field Trips, and imagine time with friends!  2, 3, and 5 day Pre-K programs are available at the Ark!




Extended Care Program:


A.M. Session      8:15 - 9:00  $7
P.M. Session      2:35 - 3:30  $7

Both Extended Care Sessions will be held in the "Ladybugs" Classroom in Building A.

*All new & returning students must enroll each school year. Waiting lists do not carry over from year to year.