the ark preschool

First United Methodist Church

1200 E. Yellowjacket Lane

Rockwall, TX 75087

phone: 972-771-5501

eFax: 972-212-6853


Frequently Asked Questions?



Q: May I tour the Ark preschool if I'm interested in enrolling my children?


We welcome prospective clients to tour our facility, during the months of January and February, just prior to enrollment and until classes are full. We restrict tours at other times, in order to limit disruptions to the learning environment of current students. Also, If your child is offered a spot from our waiting list, we encourage you to come see our program in person before you take the offered spot!  We offer tours during school days from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM. Please email to schedule a tour during January or February (before 2/25/19).



Q: I stopped by the Ark but the doors were locked.  Why?


We lock down the Ark hallways for the security and safety of our children.  If you are a parent, or if you have business at the Ark, simply ring the doorbell near the locked doors, and someone will come to open the doors.  Or, call the number on the sign posted on the doors, or call the office (972-771-5501) and someone will come let you in. 



Q:  What kind of security do you have at the Ark?


In addition to limited access to our facility, we have cameras stationed throughout the halls and in every classroom.  No one is allowed to pick up any child without identification and consent of the parent/guardian.  All our playground areas are securely fenced and we do a name to face headcount before any transition around the facility. We have intercoms in all classrooms and on the playgrounds. We exceed state teacher:child ratios by having double the number of required teachers on staff.  We also meet or exceed all local and state childcare,fire, and health codes.



Q: If my child is not potty trained can he/she attend the Ark?


It depends on your child's age and classroom placement.  Approximately half of our classrooms are equipped with diaper changing stations.  Most of those rooms house children who will turn 3 during the school year and younger.  Please call the office to ask about your child's individual needs.



Q: What kind of religious instruction is offered to students of the Ark?


Ark students attend "Chapel Time" in our "Open Door" sanctuary on Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 12:45-1:00 PM.  They sing songs, hear a Bible story, and learn age-appropriate lessons about God and His love for them.  We discuss what we believe to be the true meaning of Christmas and Easter.  And we also celebrate many secular holiday traditions.  We may have a visit from the Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus.  We also incorporate Bible lessons, and Fruit of the Spirit teachings in our preschool curriculum.  Please contact the office for more information.



Q:  What educational curriculum do you follow at the Ark?


We have hand selected the best parts of several different published preschool programs to prepare Ark students for a smooth transition into kindergarten, including ZooPhonics and Handwriting without Tears.



Q: Why was I charged for "PM Extended Care" when I was just a couple of minutes late?


Our program ends promptly at 2:30. Your child will be escorted to the extended care room at 2:35 PM. The charge is a flat rate, whether your child is there for 5 minutes or 60. Please understand that our teachers need to leave on time to pick up their own children from school. We pay two teachers extra to stay late with those students who are not picked up on time. The extended care fees pay for their time.



Q: If I am going to be late, do I need to call?


It is only necessary to call if you won't arrive before 3:30, when extended care ends.  All children who have not been picked up by 2:35 PM will be escorted to the extended care room by their teachers. 



Q: Can I get a statement of my account for tax or other purposes?


We send monthly statements to all of our currently enrolled students.  Please contact Amy Swiney at for additional requests regarding finances and statements.  We are more than happy to provide whatever financial information you may need.


Q: May I pay my tuition with a credit card?


We do accept credit card payments through our SmartCare app. There is a 2.85% fee for using a credit card.



Q:  May I pay my tuition automatically through my bank account?


Yes, you may set up Automatic Recurring Payments at any time through our SmartCare app. 



Q:  I am withdrawing my child, may I get a refund of tuition and fees that I have already paid?


Generally, tuition and fees are NON-REFUNDABLE with these exceptions:

  • your child becomes chronically ill and/or physically unable to attend any school or daycare
  • your family moves out of the school area
  • we are unable to place your child



Q:  If I withdraw my child, will you pro-rate my tuition for that month?


Tuition will only be pro-rated under the circumstances outlined above and for students who begin after the third week of the month.  If you know you will be leaving our program, please let us know as soon as possible so we can fill your child's space.  You are responsible for all fees and tuition until we have received written notice that you will be leaving our program. 



Q:  Do you offer a discount on tuition if I enroll more than one child in your program?


We offer 2nd and 3rd Sibling Enrollment Discounts (see Tuition & Fees tab).  We also offer a Tuition Discount for a 3rd currently enrolled sibling of half tuition.  Please contact the office for more information.